Hello and welcome to the facility for therapy and wellness.

MINAGIRU Acupuncture & Conditioning Center provides a range of treatments for physical ailments, such as lower back pain, knee pain, sports injuries, autonomic nervous system disorders, and sleep disorders.


In addition, beauty acupuncture helps to bring out a healthy beauty from within. For acupuncture treatment, personalized therapies are provided according to individual constitution and symptoms.


Manual therapy is used to make the muscles and joints move smoothly.


Pain care program is designed for those with chronic pain, combining manual therapy, acupuncture treatment, and exercise.


Sports acupuncture therapy specializes in injuries and muscle pain caused by sports, treating both acute and chronic pain.


Beauty acupuncture is a beauty-specialized acupuncture treatment for small face, beautiful skin, wrinkle care, and elimination of dullness.


Recovery (fatigue recovery specialist) is a plan that combines body care such as acupuncture treatment and cupping for fatigue recovery.


Conditioning (combined plan of training and care) is a personal training provided by physiotherapists who are active in medical institutions, such as postoperative management, disease management, and rehabilitation of stroke.


It can also be used in combination with acupuncture treatment. Mental health program is a specialized program for mental health. A personal training plan combined with training and care is offered for those

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